Lori Goldstein for Adams 12 Five Star School Board


Hi.  I’m Lori Goldstein and I’m running for re-election for the Adams 12 5 Star School Board, Colorado.

I have served since November of 2019 and I know I have more to contribute.

Why I’m Running for Adams 12 School Board


Every Child Deserves a Quality Public Education

It is our responsibility in Adams 12 to ensure that a quality public education is provided for every student, regardless of where they live or the challenges they may face.  I believe every student should have the opportunity to choose programs that are best for them.

Educator Support

Attract and Retain High Quality Educators

We must effectively and adequately train our educators to fit the needs of our students.  I pledge to help make Adams 12 a school district where educators want to work, enhance their career, and grow professionally.

School Funding

Our Community Deserves Well Funded Schools

I pledge to work with local and state officials to provide more funding to our public schools and to allocate resources effectively so that our students can have an enriching public school experience filled with success.


Successful Outcomes Can Be Measured

Graduation rates, career readiness, and the amount of advanced coursework offered are only a few of the ways the achievements of our schools can be measured.  I will work to ensure our schools possess the tools they need to be accountable.

Pride in Adams 12

Strong Schools, Strong Community

My two oldest children were educated in Adams 12 and my son currently attends middle school in Adams 12.  My children grew up in this school district and I had a rewarding 34 year career as a teacher and an administrator in Adams 12.  I am a proud member of the Adams 12 community and I look forward to continuing to give back.

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Every child deserves access to workforce-ready skills and opportunities. let's continue the work we've already started and provide all our kids with a bright future. #lorigoldsteinforadams12 ... See more

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Quality education begins with dedicated educators. I'm committed to hiring and retaining world-class educators who inspire and empower our students. #LoriGoldstein4

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I'm running for Adams 12 Board of Education to ensure all kids learn in safe, secure environments. Our children's safety is my top priority. #LoriGoldsteinforAdams12 #SafeLearning

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Coming soon to a fence or field near you!

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This popped up from a workshop I attended eight years ago. Great definition of a leader!

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Come hear what all the school board candidates have to say!


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Here is another place to learn a little more about me:

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On September 11, 2001 I was on my way to Northglenn Middle School, where I taught science. The events of that day changed our lives forever. I certainly will never forget.

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